What You Should Know About Artificial Lawns

Gardeners spend many hours each year trying to keep their lawn looking nice, but there are times that it can actually be a losing proposition. One of the most popular solutions for this frustration today may be artificial grass harpenden. There are several other reasons that you might want to get artificial grass as well. Maybe you want to avoid tedious mowing, or maybe you are just too busy to spend a lot of time fighting with natural grass. Below, you can learn more about artificial lawns and how they work.

The Appearance of the Artificial Lawns

With artificial grass uk, you need to make a real investment to get the best quality. If you pay for a bargain basement artificial lawn, you will usually find that it begins to dim in color and appearance very quickly. The difference with the more costly artificial turfs is that the grass is rooted into place more securely by layering ultra fine sand into the bottom of the strands. This allows for better durability and a more realistic appearance, since it won't come loose in patches like a cheaper artificial turf will. Top notch artificial turfs closely mirror the look of genuine grass, and many people are hard pressed to tell the difference.

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The Installation of Artificial Lawns

Installing artificial grass milton keynes is much like installing genuine grass. Any grass that is already there must be removed first. This creates a solid surface for the new artificial turf. Ideally, the surface will be completely flat. It will then be covered with a layer of sand, which will act as a rooting device for the artificial turf. In some cases, an additional weed repelling membrane will be added to the layer of sand. The artificial turf is then applied to edging boards via stapling in most cases. In some situations, the artificial turf may be glued directly onto the ground, but this is generally only done if the ground surface is concrete.


The Maintenance and Care of Artificial Lawns

You don't need to cut artificial lawns, or even to weed them, but you do need to make sure that they are regularly hosed off. This is mainly necessary to rinse off any accumulated dirt or debris. Other than that, you really need only to brush the turf with a firm broom occasionally. This helps keep the turf looking fresh, and it only takes a few minutes. An artificial lawn is nearly maintenance free!


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